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Student radio is at the heart of university culture across the country and further afield, giving students the opportunity to share their passions with a global audience.  We at Oxide pride ourselves on providing the platform and support to ensure that interested students can get fully involved in radio broadcasting in many ways.  We hope this page will provide you with a glimpse into Oxide Radio and ways in which you can get involved, and we look forward to meeting and working with you.

What is Oxide?

Oxide Radio is a student-run radio station which plays out through the internet throughout the University year.  We feature a wide range of different shows that broadcast throughout the year: music shows of all genres, from indie tracks to Nordic tunes; chat shows featuring student agony aunts, or discussing the latest celebrity news; or news and sports shows covering stories in Oxford and further afield. .

How can I get involved?

There are so many ways that you can get involved with Oxide.

1) Join The Playlist Team:

When we don’t have presenters in the studio presenting live shows, we have themed playlists playing. These playlists include 90s, 00s, 10s playlists, as well as some more genre specific playlists. We need people to join the playlist making team to come into the studio to help assemble the playlists we are going to play each week. This is a brilliant job for those who want to help choose the music played on Oxide, but lack confidence to present a show straight away. We are looking for those with general music taste, and also for those who have specialities in certain genres. The other great thing about being on the Playlist Team is that you can choose your commitment level – whilst you may want to be involved every week, it’s okay to sign up to do just a few sessions a term; the choice is very much yours! We need loads of playlist makers, so if interested at all, get in touch!

If you are interested in joining the Playlist Team, please send an email to stating that you are interested in joining the Playlist Team, your desired level of commitment and your taste in music!

2) Present on the Breakfast Show or Music Shows:

If the idea of presenting live on air is appealing to you, perhaps you want to get involved in one of music shows we produce at Oxide. Every Saturday and Sunday we broadcast a Breakfast show, and we produce 2 Music Shows each week, the format for which is fairly rigid. The Breakfast show is a music and features programme, playing upbeat chart music and featuring news from across the university and around the world. This is a great thing to get involved in if you want to start the day with a bit of a buzz. We also produce 2 Oxide Music Shows every week. One is where we discuss and play new music that we receive as demos at Oxide, and the other is where we have live bands in the studio and need people to assist the bands and interview them. Getting involved in presenting the Breakfast show, or one of the Music Shows is a great way to get involved in Oxide if you want to have more of an active role, but are still hesitant about creating your own idea for a show and pitching it to us. Again, the commitment is up to you. And again, we are looking for as many people as possible to get involved in these roles, so if interested at all, get in touch.

If you are interested in joining the presenter’s list for the Breakfast Show, please send an email to stating that you are interested in joining the Breakfast Show team, and your desired level of commitment.

If you are interested in joining the presenter’s list for presenting one of the Music shows, please send an email to stating that you interested in joining the Music team, which aspect of the music team, and your desired level of commitment.

3) Join the Review Team:

At Oxide we aim to review the live events which are going on in Oxford. This includes mainly music, but also theatrical productions and films. We ask teams of people to go out to live events in Oxford (for free) and then submit a report we can then publish on our website. This is a great way of seeing some brilliant acts in Oxford cheaply and possibly meeting some of the bands and getting a chance to interview them. Note, that there is no presenting involved in this role.

If interested in joining the Review Team, please email stating that you are interested in joining the Review Team.

4) Join the News/Sports Team:

Oxide Radio also produces daily news bulletins which are the freshest Oxford stories, as well as having a news show which looks in detail at one particular story each week. We are looking to recruit for our News team, where members would be asked to go out in Oxide and produce short recordings on news in Oxford, hopefully with interviews of the people involved. This is brilliant for those budding journalists who are looking for some experience. We are also looking to recruit for our Sports News team, which is where we would ask people to go to Sporting events around Oxford and interview competitors.

If interested, and for more information, please email

5) Join the Tech Team:

Perhaps you are interested in learning how Oxide operates technically, and helping out when there are problems. If so, we’d encourage anyone interested in the technology aspect of Oxide Radio to get in touch. For more information, please email stating that you’re interested in joining the Tech Team.

6) Join the Marketing Team:

Whilst we are hosting awesome shows and playlists on Oxide, it means little if we have no one listening! We therefore have a Marketing team whose job is to advertise Oxide radio around Oxford. That means putting flyers in college lodges, designing advertisements to go in the OxStu, helping design Facebook adverts, etc. Also, later in the year, we are looking for people to approach companies around Oxford to ask whether they would like to advertise on the station for a fee.

For more information on joining the Marketing Team, please email stating  that you are interested in joining the Marketing Team.

7) Make Your Own Show:

We’ve saved the best till last. The majority of shows in the Oxide schedule are concepts which your fellow students have designed, and we’ve approved their show to have a slot in our schedule. This is perhaps the biggest commitment you can make to the station, as it will mean that you will have to prepare a show every week/fortnightly and produce it and present it yourself. That means, once you’ve come up with an idea and we’ve approved and scheduled it, it’s on your head to choice your show’s content and to advertise it. But don’t let this put you off, it’s also one of the most rewarding things you can do at Oxide. It gives you something to look forward to every week, and hearing your idea translated into you broadcasting live is really rewarding. We are looking for all types of ideas, from music shows (general or niche) to talk shows to comedy shows, etc.

If you are interested in making your own show, please contact for more information.

When Do I Have To Reply By?

Frankly, as soon as possible. Oxford terms aren’t long, and we’d like to get as many of you Fresher’s as possible involved by 2nd week. In particular you are interested in the Playlist/Music Team/Breakfast Team, please can you reply before Wednesday evening. If you are looking to make your own show, we only have fairly limited slots left, so the quicker you reply, the more likely it is your show will make it on air this term.
That’s it! We’re really excited about how many of you guys and girls signed up at Fresher’s fair, and it’d be brilliant to get as many as you as possible involved in Oxide in some way.


Get in contact, and we look forward to working with you – you can sign up to our playlist on the top-right of this page. xx