Merry Christmas from Oxide

Hello all,

Just a quick message from the Oxide team to say Merry Christmas and thank you for listening into Oxide this term.  It’s been a really exciting term for us.

We’ve had an eclectic mix of live shows this term from students all over the university.  There have been a shedload of specialist music shows covering: classical; indie; indian; korean; carnival songs; and much more – many of which will be continuing next term thankfully.  There have also been an influx of new chat shows this year: a show interviewing someone from Oxford every week; shows talking about anything but Oxford; a show talking about culture and politics in Africa; an agony aunt show; the list goes on.  We also featured a student produced sketch show, something that we really hope to have more of next year.

Our music output has been bigger and better than ever – with reviews, interviews and live sessions being recorded and put out every week.  You can view all of these here.   Some our favourite included: an interview with the Mystery Jets before their sell out gig at the o2; a really fun interview with Katzenjammer; and a live session with Laura Moody – a cellist singer-songwriter.

We also had a Hallowe’en showcase for the first time ever, featuring ghost stories, a documentary about horror films, and so much more.  Listen again to some of the highlights here.


We’re hoping to come back bigger and better for Hilary – stay tuned.

Lots of Love,


The Oxide Committee



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