SPEAKEASY: I, Too, Am Oxford

Emmanuella Kwenortey spoke to the brains and faces (which include herself) behind the “I, Too, Am Oxford” project, a campaign that aims to highlight the racial discrimination faced by ethnic minority students here at the University of Oxford (http://itooamoxford.tumblr.com/?og=1). The project has received worldwide attention from news organizations including the Guardian, Al Jazeera and the Huffington Post in its bid to dispel the myth that racial discrimination plays no part at Oxford University. They spoke to Oxide Radio this morning and had shared some of their thought-provoking and divisive views.

Speakeasy spoke to:

Anu Henriques – Organizer and co-architect of “I, Too, Am Oxford”. She is currently Vice-President of the African Caribbean Society.

Jahnavi Emmanuel – Organizer and co-architect of “I, Too, Am Oxford”.

Brian Kwoba – PhD student at Pembroke College and founder of new project  ”Making space for Black and Afrikan consciousness at Oxford”. He is also a member of the Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality organization and the Oxford Africa Society.

Jodie Reindorf – Oxford University African Caribbean Society President 2012 – 13


Emmanuella Kwenortey 13/03/2014





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